PR is all about building perceptions, of ensuring that your voice stands out against that of your competitors and that what you’re saying speaks volumes to your customers.
AMA are well versed in tailoring our services to each individual client, project or campaign. We’ve sent world famous journalists skiing Alpine peaks and snorkelling Welsh bogs. We’ve collaborated with multi-national luxury skincare brands and BMX superstars. We’ve brought destination pop-up events to London and taken Britain’s most popular TV shows to our clients.
Here’s some of our best work…

Vienna House

Helping establish Vienna House as one of Europe’s leading hotel chains for business and leisure travellers


Establishing Slovenia as Europe’s hidden gem for winter sports – collaborating with airlines and professional videographers

The Grove of Narberth

Positioning The Grove of Narberth as one of the UK’s leading accommodations using a comprehensive three tier strategy

Being on trend

Promoting Slovenia’s unique health and wellbeing offerings through ‘apiculture’

Collaborations and partnerships

Working with international brands and household names to showcase our clients to national and international audiences

Bamboo Bicycle Club

Teaming up with broadcast media and using video to spread the word about the Bamboo Bicycle Club

The Bridgend County ‘selfie bench’

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. This is one of those times…

The birth of the ‘baby dragon’

This is what happened when Postojna Caves’ enigmatic resident gave birth for the first time in six years…

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